Which inverter and battery are best for home use?

India is one of the developing countries around the world, where power cut is a big problem. There is an array of local/branded inverter battery models available in today’s market. You might get confused with what model to buy. A battery is an integral component of an inverter, and it can either be purchased along with the inverter or separately. There is a high dependency on these batteries as the efficiency & functioning of the inverter depends on them. Many brands provide an array of the best inverter battery online and in stores— Reputable brands like Luminous offer an extensive range of inverters and batteries. Some of the best inverter & battery options for home usage: 1. Inverter – Sine Wave Inverter The output waveform is the sine wave of these inverters. One of the major benefits of this inverter is that all the appliances are designed to run on a pure sine wave. It ensures that the equipment will function properly. Sine wave inverters are easily available and widely used in residential and commercial applications. 2. Battery – GEL Battery When you are searching for the best inverter battery, look for GEL batteries, they are similar to traditional lead-acid batteries, with silica added to the electrolyte to make a gel-like substance inside. These batteries are sealed, valve controlled, and completely safe and environmentally friendly. Flat Plate Inverter Battery A flat plate inverter battery is like any lead-acid battery that is made of positive and negative plates. The battery is known as a flat plate because the geometric shape of the plate is flat. Flat plate batteries are an ideal choice for instant high current applications due to the larger surface area of plates. Tubular Plate Inverter Battery The tubular battery is one of the most popular and sold batteries in India. When looking for the best inverter battery online, you will realize that a tubular battery is similar to any lead-acid battery. It is constructed from positive and negative plates. But here, thegeometric structure of the positive plate is tubular while that of the negative plates is flat. They have a longer life than flat plate batteries. Therefore, there are various brands in the market and also renowned brands like Luminous, that offer best-in-class power solutions.

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