What are the benefits of buying an inverter with a battery of the same brand?

Power cuts and load shedding are common everywhere around India. Power failures can range between 8-10 hours, and under such conditions, it becomes inevitable for everyone to have alternate power backup systems ready. You should buy an inverter with a battery of the same brand to avoid hassles later. One of the essential benefits is that both the inverter and the battery are co-dependent for providing an uninterrupted supply of power. By purchasing an inverter with a battery from the same brand, you would not compromise on the compatibility parameter. Secondly, buying an inverter with a battery helps save time, and you don’t have to browse through different websites to purchase the product because everything you want is readily available under one brand. There are reputed brands like Luminous that offer a wide range of inverters with batteries. In case you face any technical problems with the inverter and the battery, you can reach out to their customer care centre for further assistance. Once your complaint is registered, an engineer will visit your place at the earliest to provide you with the desired service. In case the product is within warranty, you will not be charged for any service.

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