How do I connect my off-grid solar system using a standalone inverter rather than a hybrid inverter? I don't want my inverter to be drawing power from the battery during the daytime?

You don’t seem to know even the basics of how an off-grid system works, so I suggest you start with a bit of reading up before deciding what you want or don’t want… Firstly, trying to disconnect the batteries and running directly from the panels will almost certainly result in the destruction of your inverter in most cases, indeed many specifically refer to this in the instructions… Secondly, you gain no advantage in doing so, you won’t increase your battery lifespan, and doing this even if the inverter survives, will result in poor inverter performance, with frequent dropouts and likely a marked reduction in the inverters ability to start some loads… Basically, don’t do it, there is no valid reason for your ‘want’, and many drawbacks

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