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My inverter battery has not been used for the last 4 months now I am using it, but the inverter shows charging, but when power is gone it shows a low battery, what is the problem?

1. First, you call the inverter technician and ask him to check the inverter, the inverter should charge the battery. If there are any complaints in the inverter internal elements, it will not charge the battery. It may show a charging indication. But it will charge the battery. So if it is not charging, it […]

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How do I connect my off-grid solar system using a standalone inverter rather than a hybrid inverter? I don't want my inverter to be drawing power from the battery during the daytime?

You don’t seem to know even the basics of how an off-grid system works, so I suggest you start with a bit of reading up before deciding what you want or don’t want… Firstly, trying to disconnect the batteries and running directly from the panels will almost certainly result in the destruction of your inverter […]

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Can I use two inverters of 220 V (500 W) on one battery at the same time?

You want to have a common battery. Have two batteries in parallel, and have a one-tenth ohm link between the two. (make sure the one-tenth-ohm link can handle the differential between the two batteries when one goes lower than the other.) IE one battery is full, and the other battery is only 20%. This will […]

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How long will a 12v lead acid battery last when connected on a 500 watts inverter subjected to a 65 watts load?

1. There is no way to answer this question unless the battery capacity and type is known. How many amp-hours is the battery? Is it designed for deep cycle use or is it a starting battery? 2. The maximum load capacity of the inverter is not particularly relevant. The efficiency is. If you assume 90% […]

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What are the benefits of buying an inverter with a battery of the same brand?

Power cuts and load shedding are common everywhere around India. Power failures can range between 8-10 hours, and under such conditions, it becomes inevitable for everyone to have alternate power backup systems ready. You should buy an inverter with a battery of the same brand to avoid hassles later. One of the essential benefits is […]

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If an inverter has more VA (volt-amp) in unit measurement, does it consume more battery?

Ideally, the power drawn by all electrical equipment is equal to output on that. In real-world devices, losses in it are extra. Hence power consumption of inverter from battery = output load + inherent losses within UPS. For the same load, the only difference may be losses. By and large losses within the inverter is […]

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I need to run a 1 HP 750 Watt water pump and a 12 V inverter battery at the same time. Can a 2 KW generator handle it?

By 12 volt inverter I assume you are talking about a normal 500 VA inverter. Power consumption during full load charging = 12*15 => 180 watts Load other than inverter let’s say 1 tv (80 watt), fan(80 watt) and light (20 watt) =80+80+20=>180 watt 1 H.P motor = 746 Watt Normal running current = 746/220 […]

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